Take 5 of These Promotional Products for the Medical Field, and Call Me in the Morning

  • Jul 1, 2024

It can be tough for people in the medical field to get their names out to new patients. If you own a restaurant, you can have your cool mascot show up at a local sports game and toss out t-shirts. But if your doctor does the same thing you would probably think he was off of his medication. To help out people in the medical field, we’ve come up with this handy list of promotional products that are perfect for doctors, dentists, dermatologists, and more. 

1. Bandage Dispenser

The next time your customer’s medical practice has any kind of public event (maybe a community health drive or seminar), bring along some of these branded bandage dispensers. They are a simple and effective way to share your practice’s information and they won’t get thrown in that business card drawer where networking opportunities go to die. Plus, they are helpful!


 2. Stuffed Animal

It doesn’t really matter if a practice deals primarily with children or adults, pretty much everyone appreciates a stuffed animal. This promotional product is one that exudes warmth and the most important of a practitioner’s characteristics: care. 


3. Sanitizer 

Sometimes the best way to advertise is to have your label on the one thing someone is going to pull out of their pocket all day long. If you’re in the medical field, you can opt for that piece to be a bottle of hand sanitizer. Not only will you keep your patients healthy, but you’ll do some advertising as well.


4. Pill Bottle/Water Bottle Combo 

If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, try promoting your medical practice with this awesome pill bottle/water bottle combo. This is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and don’t want to miss their medication throughout the day. With water available as well, this promotional product is perfect for outdoors men, travelers, or even just the patient who needs to make sure they have everything available without a hassle. 


5. Gel Hot/Cold Packs

The heart is a symbol of health and wellness because everyone needs a healthy heart! With these nifty gel packs, patients can warm/and cool their aches and pains and remember it was your medical practice that provided them with this comfort. They are reusable, so they can give your brand continued visibility. 


Looking for more promotional products for the medical field? Let us know and we’ll help you find them. 


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