Our Legacy


UN Communications Group Inc. has a long history of innovation. From the very beginning, we’ve been driven by a “customer service first” philosophy that continues to fuel our growth. Working with clients large and small, we’ve developed both highly targeted and “big picture” solutions that fit the individual needs of each unique project. Our commitment to customer service has led to the implementation of new systems that provide innovative, cost-saving options with the added bonus of a customer-focused, technically-savvy support team. Not to mention, allowed us to evolve as an organization, without ever losing focus on customer service. Here’s a look at our organization over the last four decades.


The 1970s

1975 saw the creation of Unified Neighbors, Inc, a consumer information service that guided subscribers toward quality local businesses while continually analyzing and rating levels of customer service. Within two years Unified Neighbor’s success required the purchase of printing equipment to handle in-house production of its magazine Unified Neighbors. This move was symbolic of the direction we were heading as an organization. Business quickly grew and it became obvious that spinning off a new company would allow our team to focus more efficiently and provide the best customer service possible.


The 1980s

In 1988, UN Communications Inc. was founded — setting the stage for a third expansion that would include both traditional and cutting-edge print media. The future of UN Communications, Inc. was made clear with the sale of Unified Neighbors to a little-known start-up out of Columbus, Ohio, that would blossom into the national consumer powerhouse Angie’s list. While the acquisition of Unified Neighbors fueled the growth of Angie’s List in its new Indianapolis headquarters, UN Communications Inc. prepared to transform itself into a premier printer serving an expanding global marketplace.


The 1990s

In 1995, direct mail support was added to reflect the needs of our clients as we developed a business model based on the diversification of media outlets and marketing resources. The next decade focused largely on the rapid advancement of computer software and online services. We updated our equipment and capabilities in anticipation of the quality, efficiency, and cutting-edge service that our clients deserved in a competitive 21st Century marketplace.


The New Millennium

Digital printing blew open the marketplace for businesses of all sizes and we were right there, ready with the latest technology and able to make the most of the digital world’s endless possibilities. We did not take lightly the addition of digital printing to our repertoire, giving it the resources and attention necessary to lead the way.


The 2010s

In May 2010 the company was purchased by Denise and Jeff Purvis, Indianapolis natives whose forward-thinking approach and dedication has resulted in 86% sales growth in the last eighteen months. This in turn has fed into an expansion plan that includes additional high-tech equipment including a Heidelberg 6-color press with in-line aqueous coater and the hiring of new personnel, bringing our total staff to thirty. We are the largest printer in Hamilton County, Indiana, growing at a time of national stagnancy that has affected industries across the board. UN Communications Group Inc. is WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, reflecting our commitment to a diversified workplace and environmental responsibility. Our current growth track will include G7 Master Printer certification as we strive to stay on the forefront of quality printing practices.


Today & Beyond

We are now embarking on a new venture, by starting another company called UN Promotional Solutions Inc.  Even though we have done apparel and promotional products in the past we are now prepared to take branding and promotions to an elite level within the industry.  This agency approach will allow us to serve you like no other.  At the same time we continue to grow overall as a company both in size with 40+ employees, and in sales with year over year double digit increases.  Whether it be new equipment, new technology or new employees we strive for nothing less than to be a leader in the market place that brings value to your bottom line.


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