UN Promotional Solutions will work with you to select products that match your brand, correlate with the survey, maintain your budget, aline with your audience profiles and have a high preceived retail value.

We’ll build an easy to use pop up web store with the branded merchandise you have chosen.  The survey will have a built in link in which after all questions are answered per your requirements the respondent will be directed to the store site to pick out their gift for participating in the survey.

UN Promotional Solutions will ship all respondents the gift of their choice along with a custom thank you card expressing appreciation for their response.  We will also incorporate any additional marketing material you desire in order to create new business via this unique touch point.


Be sure to capture true, honest, and detailed feedback by incorporating a webstore powered by UN Promotional Solutions in which the respondent can receive a gift for their time in helping gather this valuable information. 

Studies show that even small rewards are big incentives for people to complete surveys – and that consumers do not trust “Chance to Win.” That’s why we have created SurveySolutions…to help you identify targeted rewards for your audience that are a brand extension of your organization! UNPS will help you easily integrate branded thank you gifts into your survey programs in turnkey fashion. SurveySolutions provides an often over-looked tool to thank respondents for insights and achieve an increased level of survey response, thus helping to strengthen engagement with your audience and your brand in a very unique way.


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